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Is adding solar panels to your home worth it?

Are solar panels worth the investment? The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the current cost of electricity in your area, the local weather conditions, and how much money you are willing to invest upfront. Some may think investing in solar panels is a good long-term financial decision. In contrast, others may find that the initial cost of installing solar panels is too high,...

If Your Home Has Not Sold, Check the Price!

  The residential housing market has been hot. Home sales have bounced back solidly and are now at their second highest pace since February 2007.  Real estate is location specific.  Some areas are demonstrating price increases at a much high demand than others.  The market can be spotty depending on where you live.  We can help explain this for the Chesterfield County, Tri-Cities, Richmond and...

Months Supply Of Housing Inventory in Zip Code 23836

What does months supply mean in the real estate world?  Month supply means if no other home were to come on the market for sale, based on the current active listings vs sold listing it would take so many months to sell the current inventory. To put this in perspective 0-4 Sellers market.  More buyers than homes to put them in. 4-6 Normal market.  Neither a buyer or sellers market. 6 and above...

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