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Comprehensive School Information

Here are some websites that provide comprehensive school information, including elementary, middle, and high schools:

  1. GreatSchools.org – https://www.greatschools.org/ GreatSchools.org is a non-profit organization that provides ratings and reviews of schools across the United States. The website also offers helpful resources for parents, including advice on choosing a school and preparing for college.

  2. Niche.com – https://www.niche.com/ Niche.com provides school rankings and reviews based on data from the U.S. Department of Education and user surveys. The website also offers information on colleges, neighborhoods, and workplaces.

  3. SchoolDigger.com – https://www.schooldigger.com/ SchoolDigger.com provides school rankings and performance data based on state assessments and other sources. The website also offers information on school demographics, student-teacher ratios, and more

  4. PublicSchoolReview.com – https://www.publicschoolreview.com/ PublicSchoolReview.com provides comprehensive profiles of public schools across the United States, including information on test scores, demographics, and reviews from parents and students.

These websites can help you compare schools and make informed decisions about where to enroll your child.

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