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Not sure where to start if you are selling your home this spring?

One of the questions I am asked by a homeowner getting ready to list and sell their home is, where do I start? Selling a home is exciting but requires a lot of work and careful planning. Every homeowner looking to put their house on the market should ensure that their home is in tip-top shape before putting it on the market for sale – this can help significantly achieve a successful sale and for more money.


From making minor repairs and touching up paint to deep cleaning the carpets and giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, there are numerous benefits of ensuring that your home looks its best before buyers come knocking.


First and foremost, potential buyers will be impressed by the condition of your property if it is tidy, clean, and well-kept. A buyer may be more likely to make an offer on a neat and well-maintained home than one that looks outdated or needs more work than they anticipated.


In addition, presenting your home in top condition could lead to you getting a better price than if you sold it as-is. Buyers may be willing to pay more for homes that have been updated with modern appliances or upgraded bathroom fixtures than those that need extensive renovations before moving in.


Here are 10 things a homeowner can consider doing to their home to increase its saleability:


  1. Declutter your home to amplify its potential and showcase the space.
  2. Move furniture to create an open, inviting atmosphere throughout the house.
  3. Clean carpets and floors for a neat, tidy appearance.
  4. Replace or update any outdated appliances in the kitchen or bathroom to modern designs.
  5. Fix minor repairs around the house, such as doors, switches, or leaky faucets.
  6. Give walls a fresh coat of paint for a brighter look throughout the home.
  7. Plant flowers in the garden for curb appeal and a touch of nature with each viewing.
  8. Ensure the outdoor living space is maintained and well presented with patio furniture and decorations that complement the property’s interior design.
  9. Upgrade fixtures like door handles, lighting fixtures, window coverings, etc., to add more character to your home’s ambiance.
  10. Install energy-efficient features like high-efficiency air conditioners or water heaters that can help lower utility bills while improving value to potential buyers at the same time.


Studies have found that, on average, staged homes sell between 6-20% more than non-staged ones. This is because staging can highlight your home’s robust features and helps buyers envision themselves living in it, leading them to make higher offers. Furthermore, potential buyers are more likely to overlook minor flaws or imperfections in a well-staged home and will be ready to pay a premium for such homes. All in all, taking extra care when preparing your home for sale could lead to monetary rewards and a smoother journey through what can otherwise be a stressful undertaking!

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