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Prepare for your photo, 3D tour and video shoot

You have two options to view the below presentation. The first is the autoplay option and to start this push the play icon in the bottom left corner. The other option is to manually go through the presentation by pressing the right arrow beside the play button.

If you choose the auto-play each screen will appear for 10 seconds.

For a PDF version on how to prepare for pictures, click here.

Where Do I start?

Why Staging is Critical to a successful Sale

Home staging is important when selling your home because it makes it more attractive to buyers. By taking the time to stage your home, you can make it more appealing to potential buyers, which may lead to a faster sale. Staging can also help you get more money for your home by making it more attractive to buyers. In addition, staging can help to increase the number of showings by interested buyers. Therefore, staging is an important part of selling your home and should not be overlooked.

Resources to help the home seller

Staging a home is such a critical part of the process, and realizing it takes time might not be practical for the seller to take on this task.  I recommend reaching out to Designed 2 Sell.  Their website: 


If you are like most sellers in Chesterfield County, VA, you have accumulated many things.  Stuff you no longer need now that you are moving.  What to do with it?  Many options from giving to DAV Disabled Veterans, the Good Will, your local church.  Also, a good alternative is to reach out to The Junkluggers of Central VA.


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