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Pre pandemic selling a home took on an entirely different meaning than today.  I have been selling real estate for over two decades and what it took to sell a home pre-pandemic is not what it takes in today’s market, and I am not sure if it will ever go back. 


In today’s real estate market, I have many roles and responsibilities for the seller.   

I would like to take you through the process I use when working with sellers.


  • Set a time for an online meeting or phone conversation.  

  • There are 14 questions I will ask the sellers during this time, pre-qualifying questions. 

  • Before the in-person meeting, I sent out a detailed video going over market statistics and resourceful required details for the listing process. 


In-Person Meeting


  • After introductions, I walk the home’s exterior and interior taking copious notes and pictures.  

  •  I sit down with the sellers and discuss my walkthrough, notes, and pictures while providing information that will help the homeowners receive top market dollars for the sale of their home.

  • This information includes the profile of buyers buying their home and what they can do to help their home appeal to these buyers.  This information might consist of repairs and staging.

  • I discuss my 18 point listing plan of action with the sellers, including professional videography, photography, and 3D tours.    

  •  If the homeowners’ goals are different, maybe they want to sell as-is?   I discuss the pros and cons and strategies to benefit their situation. 

  • If repairs are needed, I provide contacts for contractors who can handle the need.  If the seller is out of town owner, I will help organize and structure the work to be completed.

  • I have an elite network of professionals I meet with weekly and readily provide these services to my clients.

  • Upon finishing my visit, the sellers and I established the date of the listing and the listing price of the home. 




  • Typically can take 2-3 hours.  During this time, the house will be vacant.  

  • Possibly drone video and photos depending on the location of the home.

  • Professional videography.

  • Professional photography.

  • 3D tour includes blueprints with a sketch of the lot, house, and measurements.

  • Professional property website.

  • Home will be featured on 2,800 local websites, including Zillow, REATLOR.com, Homes.com, TeamEstes.com, and RE/MAX, to name a few.


Day of listing


  • Sign and lockbox will have been installed at home and coming soon if applicable.

  • Shoebox with shoe covers.

  • Notify all the top buyer agents who have sold homes in the last 30 days of the new listing.

  • Notify the neighborhood of the new listing using websites such as NextDoor, Facebook, and other social media platforms.  

  • Just listed postcards.


Purchase Contract


  • It is not uncommon for me to have multiple contracts on the homes I have listed in this market.  With a professional online presence, it drives traffic to the house!  

  • Set a strategy on the showings to prepare the wording for the showing agents on how contracts will be handled.

  • Prepare spreadsheet with offers in order of best price, terms, and conditions for my sellers.

  • Discuss purchase contract with the sellers answering any questions they may have or concerns.

  • Get all paperwork signed and back to the parties.


Post Contract


  • My office manager Wendy will handle the checklist of items that comprise the transaction process.

  • Weekly updates on what transpires, including notes, emails, and recorded conversations, will be provided to the sellers.

  • Hande all the details to ensure the transaction closes as to the purchase contract.  No surprises!

  • Make sure the sellers’ money is in the bank!


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